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ミス・グランド・インターナショナルが、世界のミスコンランキングにおいて、【BEST OVERALL PAGENT OF THE YEAR 】に選ばれました。



1位 ミス・グランド・インターナショナル

2位 ミス・ユニバース

3位 ミス・スプラナショナル

下記、今回のランキング集計をしたGlobal Beauties と審査員の総評です。

Celebrating its 10th edition, Miss Grand International truly delivered what the fans expected and much more! It was perfect, from the beginning to the crowning of a spectacular queen, with Indonesia 🇮🇩 being the perfect host, leaving no room to the competition in 2022! It has won all 7 production awards, totaling 28 points (winner for each category = 4 points; 2nd place = 2 points; 3rd place = 1 point).

Congratulations also to Miss Supranational (2nd) for an excellent and very classy show, overcoming Miss Universe (3rd). Miss Supranational had a total of 15 points, while Miss Universe scored 9 points.

We thank the members of the GB Academy for their hard work, always being fair and unbiased with their choices 🙏❤️

Congratulations, @missgrandinternational !! 👑❤️

Art work:

『Global Beauties 』のHPは、こちらから↓

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